Polocrosse Lead-Line

Lead Line Polocrosse

The lead line chukka was the highlight of the weekend.  Two full polocrosse teams of kids on the lead line.  Organized caous and FUN!  Rum had just finished a match and was now in charge of taking care of Reese.  Ethan got to borrow Riley from Jos.

The Line Up
All Smiles from Reese
Ethan going for the Ball

I could not stop smiling the entire chukka.  To see my kids both enjoying horses and be totally involved in the game.  Reese cheering for our teams number 1, Ethan was unsure about all this stuff but happy to play.











Ethan upset cause he did not win $1

To end the game the kids were asked to stand up in their stirrups for one picture.  If they did it they would get one dollar!  All the kids stood up but Ethan.  Because Ethan had not stirrups and tried but could not stand without them.  That is what caused this picure.  One upset little boy cause he would not win a dollar 🙁


The weekend was a big success.  Our team played well together and only lost one match.  I could not be prouder of my cob.  The bigges success is both the kids are asking when we are going again.  They want to play polocrosse!  Just want a horsey mom wants to hear…her kids excited to go to horse show!

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