Polocrosse Adventure

The kids and I packed up the horse trailer. Loaded the handsome welsh cob and headed to our first polocrosse tournament.

Rum as usually took one step off the trailer looked around and started looking for the best grass. Reese was happy to take charge of him or should I say Rum took charge of Reese.

Ethan helped me figure out where to set Rums pen up for the weekend and get things sorted in the trailer for camping.  The sorting included getting all the toys out and running off with the herd of other polocrosse kids to play.

Before we had a chance to take it all in it was time to play the first match or chukka. It seemed like a mad dash to get tacked up and do something that resembled a polocrosse tail mud knot for Rum. Change into the required not loved white breeches. Who’s idea was it to require white breeches/pants!

Rum and I barley made it.  He showed off his big cob trot to catch up to our team. Going through the poles (tradition to start match) to meet our opposing team. Rum was all fired up like we were about to head on cross country.

The first chukka flew by and we were both consumed in the game. Our role was playing the number three which is our favorite position. For those new to polocross it’s the defense position. Rum used his big broad self to block the other teams pony from scoring to many times and we even managed to really help our teams number one player (which is our scorer) safely get into the scoring area by herself.  I could have not been prouder of our first match and how we managed to not make to many errors.  He seemed quite pleased with himself running at prelim or faster speed down the field to deliver the ball to our number one.  The two chukka’s were over before I knew it and in the end we won our first game.  I was so proud of our team and my thundering welsh cob Rum.

The kids helped me get Rum all settled for the night and make sure all toys were accounted for the night.

I did not get a chance to tell them they would actually be playing in their own chukka tomorrow!



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